Guidelines and Policies

The manuscript should begin with an abstract. The abstract should not contain any formulas or references. Its purpose is to summarise clearly the principal conclusions of the paper.

The paper should be subdivided into sections and subsections as necessary. Main headings (centred) should designate the major sections; side headings (underlined) should designate minor sections.

References must be listed alphabetically by the surname of the first author followed by the title, journal name, volume, pages for journal references, year; and author(s), title, and publisher for the book references, city and year.

All references should be indicated in the manuscript by the author’s surname followed by the year of publication: e. g. Hellwig (1968). Where references include three or more authors, the form Hellwig et al. (1993) should be used.

Footnotes should be avoided. Parentheses should be used in their place.

No maximum length for the paper is prescribed; however authors should write concisely.

Ensure that your paper is written in correct scientific English before submission.

Because of the double-blind review process, please note that you must submit a blind copy of your manuscript.

No manuscript submitted shall have been or will be published elsewhere.